What about the grout?
The glazes covers the grout.(however you will still have the grout lines).

How long does the re-glazing process take?
Depending on what is being re-glazed anywhere from 2 hours for a bathtub to 6 hours for a kitchen counter.

If my tub has been done before can it be done again?
Yes. Depending on condition the old coating will have to be stripped off or sanded.

Is there an odor?
Yes but disappears in a couple hours.

How long does re-glazing last?
Under normal useage 15-20 years.

What if my tub has damage like chips?
The damage is repaired before re-glazing.

If I'm remodeling, when should re-glazing be done?
It is best to do remodeling first to eliminate any damage to freshly glazed surface.

Frequently Asked Questions