Our Coating

Being an authorized Kott Koatings Dealer you are assured of the highest quality coating. Kott Koatings is the original bathtub refinisher having developed the coating and system over 50 years ago. Kott Koatings manufactors and sells to authorized Dealers only. 
 The coating manufactored by Kott Koatings ia a synthetic porcelain with some of the same properties as actual porcelain.Thus you can be assured of a hard finish once coating has cured.
With over 200 stock colors to choose from you can give your home your personal touch of beauty.
Our coating has been completely tested by Contox and found to be non toxic and safe for food preparations surfaces.
Our stone like finish is a polyurethane acrylic using an epoxy primer so you are assured a very good bond to the surface. With over 60 colors to choose from you can give your counters or tile walls that granite look you so desire.